​Child-friendly beach

The beach is a true paradise for children and adults.

The beach is beautiful wide, so there is ample opportunity for sunbathing and playing in the shallows.

There is also a small jetty where you can come a little farther out. (see image below)

We clean the beach at regular intervals, as compared Funds are as good as possible.


Here are perfect conditions for windsurfers. Fjord and the belt is usually quiet enough that you can water-skiing - even the untrained can do.

Then you have equipment and boat, so it`s just to get started.

Are you for scuba diving is the ocean and bay at Gåsevig Beach camping rich in experiences. You can dive to depths up to 22 meters.

You can go on "treasure hunt" on the seabed. Approximately 100 m from the site, you can dive after an old German submarine station. It is limited what is left, but you never know what you find when you dive.


When the sea is calm to the spring and summer, there are unique.​

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Gåsevig Strand Camping

Gåsevigvej 19, Sønderballe

DK-6100 Haderslev

​​Phone: +45 74 57 55 97

​Mail: info@gaasevig.dk

​CVR: 30776909​​