Walking and cycling

​Forest and Nature Agency and Haderslev Tourist arranges experiential tours with guide, where everyone is welcome to attend.


There are many resorts in South Jutland.

Gåsevig Beach Camping is at the bottom of such a glacial valley. Tunnel valley goes through the re-established Slivsø up to Hoptrup city.

There are many other bids for a good hike even in a typical East Jutland coast. Short or long hike, ask at the kiosk, so we help as best we can.


The terrain is also cycling tours. Just outside Gåsevig Beach Camping is Cycle 5 and Cycle Route "Baltic route" also passes right past.

We suggest a trip Kalvø island, or a bicycle trip to Round Mill on Løjtland along the coast and through the forest.

The "cool" bikes down to the ferry and sail to Barsø and take a walk and bicycle to get home again. Deer Park with deer and red deer is just a small 10 km. Ask at the kiosk, we will gladly assist you.

Take the car

Are you for a spin, then there are countless possibilities. Activities are described elsewhere, but take a trip to any of the South and South Jutland towns - or go to Flensburg. See more in geography and history, or click here.

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Gåsevig Strand Camping

Gåsevigvej 19, Sønderballe

DK-6100 Haderslev

​​Phone: +45 74 57 55 97

​Mail: info@gaasevig.dk

​CVR: 30776909​​

Gåsevig Strand Camping
Gåsevigvej 19 Sønderballe
6100 Haderslev
Tlf.: 74 57 55 97
CVR: 30776909