​Facts about Sort Sol

Constable and Tipulidae are prerequisites for Sort Sol.

Starlings come to the marshes to feed stench Elbe and gåsebillelarver found in the largest quantities in damp meadows. By day, they seek food especially in the outer boiling of Tøndermarsken and night seeking out the reeds, where they stay overnight.

Sort Sol can be found in many places, but most are in barrels and Ballum Constable.

Sort Sol means "slept soundly". The starlings gather in large flocks, because they are better able to reject attacks by raptors.

Accommodation areas moved constantly to fool birds of prey and because the reeds after some days use breaker whereby starling will sit with their feet in water. It costs too much energy. Therefore, one can never be entirely sure where starlings go down to the accommodations.

Enormous flocks

Sort sol in Tøndermarsken may occasionally hold up to 1 mill. birds. When night crowd will be over 500,000 birds flock split up, there is too much internal turmoil.

The name Sort Sol

It might actually not be called otherwise. The name was first used in 1974, when Nature Iver Gram showed the phenomenon rather than participants in a public naturtur.

Spring and autumn

Phenomenon seen in spring and autumn, most birds are there in the autumn.

Starling comes from all countries around Østersøen and Norway. 

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