​Gourmet restaurant

​​Do you like good food, maybe gourmet, so you can be pampered in our area. Gourmet "route" as the good food that spans the entire Southern Jutland.

South Jutland can boast having some of Denmark`s most famous and finest restaurants. A paradise for gourmets people. So if I want to pamper yourself, then we will just mention the most famous of the restaurants.


"La cocotte" in Kolding

"Tystrup kro" in Christiansfeld

"Damende" in Haderslev witha beautiful view

over Haderslev pond.

"Æ Knapp" in Løjt (Åbenrå)

"Sdr. Hostrup kro" in Sdr. Hostrup (Åbenrå)

"Hotel Fakkelgården" in Kollund

"Stigs restaurant " in Tønder

"Christie´s" in Tønder

Finally, there Schackenborg Slotskro in Møgeltønder, not far from Schakenborg Palace where His Royal Highness Prince Joachim lives.

Also try any of the South Jutland specialties such. Pickled egg. But beware, you become very thirsty from them.

If you like good Danish food is "restaurant Starfish" only 1500 mtr. from Gåsevig Beach Camping. You can get many different dishes, including grilled food. It is also possible to get food as takeaway. Please contact the front desk and we would like to book table.

For the 2006 season will reopen the restaurant at Kalvø - 2 km from the campsite where you can get traditional Danish traditional food.

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Gåsevig Strand Camping

Gåsevigvej 19, Sønderballe

DK-6100 Haderslev

​​Phone: +45 74 57 55 97

​Mail: info@gaasevig.dk

​CVR: 30776909​​

Gåsevig Strand Camping
Gåsevigvej 19 Sønderballe
6100 Haderslev
Tlf.: 74 57 55 97
CVR: 30776909